Approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea) as Health Functional Food, every tablet of Hoganbo PGB-3 consists of 5 mg Policosanol, 60 mg Ginkgo Biloba leaves extract and 25 mg Banaba leaves extract. Combination of these 3 prized ingredients provide synergistic effects in reducing total cholesterol and LDL, increases HDL, improving vascular blood circulation, enhancing cognitive function, and reducing blood glucose, based on independent clinical evidence.

经食品药物安全部(韩国)认证批准为机能性滋补品,每一颗護康寶 PGB-3含有至少5毫克古巴甘蔗皮质元素,60毫克银杏叶萃取,及25毫克大花紫薇叶萃取。由这三种珍贵互补的天然植物萃取精华炼制而成,護康寶 PGB-3能有效改善总胆固醇指数分解低密度脂蛋白(LDL)提升高密度脂蛋白(HDL)促进血液循环提升心血管功能增强记忆力降血糖抗氧化

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In today’s lifestyle, avoiding all dietary, environmental and emotional harm are almost impossible. Accumulation of fat in liver will inhibit insulin signalling in hepatocytes & disrupt fat metabolism, which increases the risk of artery blockage. If you love the way you live, maintaining good liver and vascular health is essential. Power-packed with natural nutrients, Hoganbo natural remedies improve liver functions, decreases oxidative stress, reduces harmful effects of alcohol, balance cholesterol & blood pressure for better vascular circulation, with evidence-based natural ingredients. Rest assured, with Hoganbo natural remedies, you can finally enjoy the best things in life with a peace of mind!