Made from the prized Hovenia Dulcis Berry, Hoganbo HD-1 is one of the best-loved liver supplements. Every tablet of Hoganbo HD-1 consists of at least 80% pure Hovenia Dulcis berry extract. Hoganbo HD-1 improves liver functions, accelerates recovery of damaged liver cells, reduces harmful effects of alcohol, and decreases oxidative stress, based on independent clinical evidence.

由天然珍贵的枳椇子果实萃取炼制而成, 護康寶 HD-1 现为韩国最受欢迎的护肝滋补品之一。護康寶 HD-1含有至少80%高度浓缩枳椇子果实精华,能有效改善肝脏指数(例如:ALT,AST值)加速修复受损肝细胞散解酒毒,及减少细胞老化或氧化。有了護康寶 HD-1,您将可无忧无虑地享受生活中最美好的事物!

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In today’s lifestyle, avoiding all dietary, environmental and emotional harm are almost impossible. Accumulation of fat in liver will inhibit insulin signalling in hepatocytes & disrupt fat metabolism, which increases the risk of artery blockage. If you love the way you live, maintaining good liver and vascular health is essential. Power-packed with natural nutrients, Hoganbo natural remedies improve liver functions, decreases oxidative stress, reduces harmful effects of alcohol, balance cholesterol & blood pressure for better vascular circulation, with evidence-based natural ingredients. Rest assured, with Hoganbo natural remedies, you can finally enjoy the best things in life with a peace of mind!

一个爱惜生活的人,必须先爱护自己的肝脏。纵观现今生活方式,想要避免所有不良饮食,环境和情绪伤害几乎是不可能的事。无论您目前处于何种生活方式,一颗健康的肝脏,就是您健康与幸福生活的至要关键。護康寶 HD-1综合了最天然的滋补成分,提供您一个简单有效的护肝方法,以免受紧张高压的生活侵害,让您无忧无虑地享受生活中最美好的事物!

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