Policosanol: The Natural Ingredient From Cuba to Regulate Cholesterol

Policosanol: 3 Clinical Benefits of this Natural Ingredient From Cuba You May Not Know

What comes to your mind when you think of Cuba? The cigar and rum? Cuban music? Or, even sugarcane? Wait! Stop right there! You may think that the sugarcane treasure chest had long since been fully looted but new discoveries continue to be made. One of it is a substance found in sugarcane called policosanol which turns out to be remarkably effective in treating one of the most prevalent and serious health problems of today – high cholesterol!

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Healthy Daily Dose of Hoganbo PGB-3

PGB-3: Your Daily Dose

Hoganbo PGB-3 is a superb health-boosting supplement that you can take every day. Here are some guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your supplement.

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Hoganbo PGB-3 Ingredients and Health Benefits

PGB-3: The Key Ingredients & Health Benefits

Made from 3 main ingredients, 1) Policosanol, 2) Ginkgo leaves extract & 3) Banaba leaves extract, PGB-3 improves vascular blood circulation, cholesterol & cognitive functions.

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Hoganbo Tea (10 Tablets)

Hoganbo Tea: Ingredients and Benefits

Each sachet of Hoganbo Tea (1.5g) consists of 30% (450mg) Hovenia Dulcis Mixed Extract and 70% (1050mg) Cassia Seeds. Health Benefits of Hoganbo Tea include 1) Improving the function of the liver and large intestine channels
2) Relieving heat from the liver
3) Improving vision/enhancing eyesight
4) Improving constipation/easing the bowels by relieving heat and nourishing the large intestine

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Healthy Daily Dose of Hoganbo HD-1

HD-1: Your Daily Dose

Congratulations for having Hoganbo HD-1 as your lifelong health companion! To ensure you get the most out of your daily supplement, here are some guidelines:

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Who benefits from Hoganbo Nutritional Gems?

Who Benefits from Hoganbo Nutritional Gems

Hoganbo Nutritional Gems are suitable for everyone from all walks of life. It is particularly helpful for people who fall into these four scenarios:

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Quality Assurance of Hoganbo Health Supplements

HD-1: Quality Assurance

Health supplements from Hoganbo are approved by health authorities including Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

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HD-1's Proven Health Benefits

HD-1: Proven Health Benefits

A naturally-derived health supplement based on clinical research, Hoganbo HD-1 tablet contains at least 80% pure Hovenia Dulcis Berry Extract (400mg) which contributes to improved liver health. It is 100% harvested and made in Korea and it’s approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (Malaysia).

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Hovenia Dulcis Berry_Hoganbo

Hovenia Dulcis Berry

Growing abundantly atop South Korea’s mountainous landscapes at an altitude of 50-800m, Hovenia Dulcis is a hardy raisin tree found well-known for its natural liver protection and liver enhancing benefits. Hovenia Dulcis contains detoxification elements; notably the berries of the tree (which are called “Hovenia” or “Hoganbo”) are known to be the most beneficial.

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