Hoganbo Tea: Ingredients and Benefits

Hoganbo Tea (10 Tablets)

Hoganbo Tea: Ingredients and Benefits

Each sachet of Hoganbo Tea (1.5g) consists of 30% (450mg) Hovenia Dulcis Mixed Extract and 70% (1050mg) Cassia Seeds.

Hovenia Dulcis

Growing abundantly atop South Korea’s mountainous landscapes, the Hovenia Dulcis is traditionally used as an effective herb for centuries to promote better liver function.

Cassia Seeds

Distributed throughout India, Sri Lanka, West China and tropics, Cassia Seed is widely used as a traditional health remedy. Traditionally used for improving liver, constipation and eyesight, scientific studies also showed that Cassia Seeds possess strong antioxidant properties and helps in reducing lipid serum.1

Health Benefits 1,2

  • Improving the function of the liver and large intestine channels
  • Relieving heat from the liver
  • Improving vision/enhancing eyesight
  • Improving constipation/easing the bowels by relieving heat and nourishing the large intestine
  • Cassia leaves and seeds are also useful in treatment of leprosy, ringworm, flatulence, bronchitis, cough, dyspepsia and cardiac disorders

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