Healthy Liver = Healthy Skin

Healthy Liver Healthy Skin

Do you know that our skin condition reflects our inner health?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s most important role is to act as the first line of defence for our body. A healthy skin could protect us from infection by acting as a barrier against invaders such as bacteria or fungus. Hence, our skin, as the outmost layer of our body,  is unavoidably exposed to the hostile external environment, such as ultraviolet rays (UV), pollution, and dust. When toxins are not broken down efficiently within the body, our body usual first response is to eliminate the toxins through our skin by sweating.

Aware of the signs on your skin

Why are toxins not broken down efficiently within the body? It is usually due to poor liver health. The liver, as the second largest organ in our body, is the primary organ that detoxifies toxins in our body. When your liver begins to weaken, toxins are gradually eliminated through your skin. You may start to notice some unobtrusive, minor skin issues such as dull skin tone, pigmentation (always considered as signs of aging); then progressing to dry, red, itchy inflamed skin or yellowish discolouration.

  1. Dull Skin,
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Itchy Skin
  4. Dry, Inflamed Skin
  5. Yellowish Skin

Dysfunction in the body‘s second largest organ, the liver, often yields changes in the body’s largest organ, the skin (Hazin R et al, 2009).

So, you have to be aware of the signs on your skin. It might be your liver trying to warn you that it is not feeling well!

Healthy Liver is key to Healthy Skin

Most people will just opt for the most conventional treatments for their skin problems i.e. using creams to improve their conditions. After going through many brands of skin care, one may be left disappointed with  minimally improvement on his/her skin condition. If your skin condition is severe, do a body check-up with your family doctor or nearby hospital to determine if poor liver health is the root cause of your skin condition.

Otherwise, it is never too late to  start taking care of your liver today as a step forward for  preserving your health and beauty. When your liver becomes healthier, your skin is less burdened from detoxifying the toxins, allowing it to focus on repairing its cells and protecting our body from outside harm. Gradually, you will notice that your skin becomes more radiant, your pigmentation begin to fade, bringing back the confidence you once have!

Hoganbo HD-1, High Antioxidant Boost for Your Skin

A naturally-derived health supplement based on clinical research, Hoganbo HD-1 tablet contains at least 80% pure Hovenia Dulcis Berry Extract (400mg) which not just contributes to  improved liver health but also provide your skin with much needed antioxidant. Research has found that high antioxidant properties in Hovenia Dulcis are able to protects our body cells from damage caused by free radicals due to UV rays, atmospheric pollution, stress and poor nutrition(1).

Don’t wait until tomorrow, start taking care of your skin by taking care of your liver today! Shop Now.

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  1. Wang MC et al. 2012. Preliminary characterization, antioxidant activity in vitro and hepatoprotective effect on acute alcohol-induced liver injury in mice of polysaccharides from the peduncles of Hovenia dulcis. Food and Chemical Toxicology. Vol 50 (9): pp. 2964 – 2970.
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