What You Should Lookout For During Your Parent’s Health Check?

What You Should Lookout For During Health Check

Health checks is an examination of current status and screening for potential diseases before any symptoms emerges. It helps to prevent, identify or reduce the risk of health issues.

10 Common Myths About The Liver

10 Common Myths About The Liver

If you only believe that liver sickness is caused by alcohol, then you’re wrong! Aside from alcohol, liver illness can also be associated by unhealthy diet intake, hepatitis viruses, stress and excessive or misuse of medication.

Policosanol: The Natural Ingredient From Cuba to Regulate Cholesterol

Policosanol: 3 Clinical Benefits of this Natural Ingredient From Cuba You May Not Know

What comes to your mind when you think of Cuba? The cigar and rum? Cuban music? Or, even sugarcane? Wait! Stop right there! You may think that the sugarcane treasure chest had long since been fully looted but new discoveries continue to be made. One of it is a substance found in sugarcane called policosanol which turns out to be remarkably effective in treating one of the most prevalent and serious health problems of today – high cholesterol!

Healthy Liver Healthy Skin

Healthy Liver = Healthy Skin

Why are toxins not broken down efficiently within the body? It is usually due to poor liver health. The liver, as the second largest organ in our body, is the primary organ that detoxifies toxins in our body. When your liver begins to weaken, toxins are gradually eliminated through your skin. You may start to notice some unobtrusive, minor skin issues such as dull skin tone, pigmentation (always considered as signs of aging); then progressing to dry, red, itchy inflamed skin or yellowish discolouration.

Everything about Liver

All About Liver

Liver imbalance is a common affliction as we are frequently exposed to synthetic chemicals, trans fat, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, food additives; all of which can burden the numerous intricate biochemical processes in the liver

Symptoms of Fatty Liver

7 Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

Liver is characterised as the silent organ because it can be damaged up to 70 to 80 percent without sending signals or symptoms. Hence, many people live with liver disease for a long time without ever knowing it. If you begin to notice some of the early indicators below, it is recommended for you to do routine medical check-ups to ensure your liver is functioning optimally.

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