All About Liver

  • Largest – Our liver is the largest internal organ and one of the most overworked organs in our body
  • Imbalance – Liver imbalance is a common affliction as we are frequently exposed to synthetic chemicals, trans fat, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, food additives; all of which can burden the numerous intricate biochemical processes in the liver
  • Vital – Our liver performs vital functions in our body such as detoxification, bile secretion, nutrients regulation, metabolism and blood clotting
  • Emotions – Unknown to many, our daily emotions can affect our liver health too. Anger, impatience, frustration, resentment and anxiety can increase blood acid level and intoxicate the liver
  • Regenerative – The peak time of liver regeneration is from 1am to 3am. Exhaustion from work, inconsistent meal times and sleeping late will affect the liver healing process

If you love the way you live, you have to first love your liver. However your lifestyle is, a healthy liver is the key to a vibrant life of health and happiness. Power-packed with nutrients that contribute to optimal liver health, Hoganbo HD-1 offers an easy but effective way to protect your liver from stressful lifestyle habits.