Loving Your Liver: How to Take Good Care of Your Liver

As one of the largest and most important internal organs in our body, our liver plays a main role in our body’s ecosystem, contributing to over 500 vital functions in the body. Generally, it serves as a manufacturing hub, processing plant and storehouse. It is also the only organ that has the unique ability to regenerate after toxic injury, chronic inflammation and surgical resection.

To ensure this multi functioning organ stays in top form, it’s highly essential to give it the right care and attention on a daily basis. Here’s how to take good care of your liver through three main areas: the right food and exercise, the right attitude and mindset as well as the right kind of supplements.

Right Food & Exercise

An unhealthy diet can lead to liver problems and different diseases. For instance, those who consume a lot of fatty processed foods and drink too much alcohol are usually at a higher risk of developing fatty liver disease and cardiovascular issues. To ensure better liver health, go for a balanced and wholesome diet that includes all food groups – for example, grains, protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Make sure you have enough fibre and minerals – have your daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated. On top of watching what you eat, exercising regularly also helps to ensure a healthier liver. You can take daily walks, work out at the gym, swim, participate in team sports or join a yoga class. Whatever you choose, go for an activity you enjoy so you can do it on a regular basis.

Right Attitude & Right Mindset

Stress, depression and other emotional issues also affect our liver functions. Studies from the University of Edinburgh recently revealed a startling link between high levels of anxiety and an increased risk of death from liver disease(1). Other than taking care of ourselves physically, it is also important for us to pay attention to our mental and emotional health. One of the ways to do this is to have a positive attitude and mindset. According to a paper in Psychological Science, a positive attitude can help protect against poor health later in life and may be a powerful antidote to stress, pain and illness(2). When it comes to our liver, a positive outlook about life can help us deal with life stresses better, thus ensuring healthier liver function which contributes to better health inside out.

Right Supplements

There are many liver supplements and natural remedies out there to help you boost your liver health. In Asia, the Hovenia Dulcis berry which comes from the Hovenia Dulcis tree in South Korea has been used as an effective traditional herb to promote better liver function for many centuries. This berry offers many benefits including liver protection, alcohol detoxification as well as antioxidant properties.

Made from this prized ingredient, Hoganbo HD-1 is one of Korea’s best-loved liver supplements containing at least 80% of pure Hovenia Dulcis berry extract which contributes to improved liver health. It is a 100% naturally-derived health supplement based on clinical research and has been approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea). It contains no harmful ingredients and it is absolutely safe for daily consumption and does not cause any side effects. Many people who have taken this supplement notice significant improvement not just with their liver-related issues (for example fatty liver), but also with their health in general, which are indicative of improved liver function.

By proactively taking care of your liver, it will help you build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. As experts will tell you, prevention of liver diseases is always easier than treating it. So start loving your liver now!


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