HD-1: Your Daily Dose

Congratulations for having Hoganbo HD-1 as your lifelong health companion! To ensure you get the most out of your daily supplement, here are some guidelines:

Recommended Dosage
  • The recommended dosage is two to six tablets, once or twice daily before meal.
  • You can also take 2 tablets before or after drinking alcohol
  • Supplement can be swallowed or sucked on.
  • Store the tablets in its original packaging in an airtight container within a cool and dry space.
  • Keep supplement out of the reach of children.
Breaking Open the Seal
  • Before you break open the seal to retrieve the tablets, it is best to break the perforated tabs for each 2 tablets to avoid accidentally puncturing the seals housing the other doses.
  • It is best not to break open the seal until you are ready to consume the tablets.
  • When exposed to air, there may be a slight change to the tablet’s colour (ie. brown) within 24 hours. However they are still safe for consumption.