Dawon, Korea

Established in 1999 in Korea, Dawon is renowned for their best-selling liver supplements, Dawon HD-1 Premium which have gained a strong following in Korea and throughout Asia for over 15 years.

Headquartered in Seoul with a branch office and showroom in Jeju Island, Dawon owns exclusive patented rights to extract and process Hovenia Dulcis Berry – the key ingredient of Dawon HD-1 Premium products.

Ever since Dawon HD-1 Premium was first introduced, this product is highly regarded and sought after by global customers travelling to Korea – thanks to its proven quality and efficacy. To date, customers from Asia Pacific, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong are flying in to Korea on a daily basis to purchase the supplements.

A pioneer and market leader in natural health industry, Dawon is committed to combating the worsening epidemic of liver diseases worldwide through Dawon HD-1 Premium. The company is constantly innovating and engaging new R&D techniques to improve and enhance their products.

Alongside Dawon HD-1 Premium, Dawon has also expanded its product range in 2015 to include Hoganbo PGB-3, which helps to improve blood cholesterol levels, blood circulation and memory. In 2016, the company has also launched a range of health functional foods made from Korean Red Ginseng that helps to boost the immune system.

Outside of Korea, there are currently several distributor outlets in China, Hong Kong, Macau as well as Malaysia which serve the Southeast Asia region.


In 2015, the first Hoganbo Specialty Store in Southeast Asia was launched in Malaysia. Today, Hoganbo is widely known amongst local customers, steadily gaining strong foothold as one of the region’s reputable provider of premium health products.

At Hoganbo, we are fully committed to bringing you the best quality products and top-notch services. We believe in offering you only the finest range of health products which are meticulously tested for potency and purity, ensuring they match up to your expectations. With our passion for health and wellness, we continuously strive to advocate a sustainable experience of healthy lifestyles amongst our customer and the community.

How We Discovered Hoganbo HD-1

Having experienced first-hand the health benefits of Hoganbo HD-1(Dawon HD-1 Premium), Mr. Yap, the founder and director of Hoganbo truly believes in the Hoganbo HD-1 as it has helped him and his family alleviate many health issues.

Mr. Yap came to know about Hoganbo HD-1 through a distant relative who was diagnosed with diabetes and fatty liver. His relative was taking insulin for his diabetes but was having a hard time recuperating. Eventually he started taking Hoganbo HD-1 through a friend’s recommendation and experienced excellent results. His liver condition swiftly improved and he even went off insulin shortly after that.

Coincidentally Mr. Yap’s family travelled to Korea around the same time and bought the product. Both Mr. Yap’s mother and aunt started taking Hoganbo HD-1 and began seeing good results. Their pigmentations started to fade and his aunt’s cholesterol levels improved. Everyone in the family was very impressed with the results.

The only caveat was the product was difficult to obtain. Mr. Yap and his family had to trouble relatives and friends to buy and bring back Dawon products from Korea for them.

During this time, Mr. Yap had to undergo surgery which made him realized how important it is to proactively take care of your health instead of waiting until you fall sick. His surgery required full anesthesia. Generally, while anesthesia is a necessity for surgical procedures, its side effects are usually very unpleasant – patients will experience nausea and vomiting, chills, dizziness and sometimes even confusion and memory loss. Fortunately, Mr. Yap had Hoganbo HD-1 with him at that time and he took a dose immediately after his surgery. He was pleasantly surprised about how effective the supplement was – his post-surgery side effects were mild and almost unnoticeable. Convinced about the efficacy of the product, this led him to seek out distributorship for Hoganbo HD-1 for Malaysia as well as the Southeast Asia region.

It was a meticulous process as the headquarters in Korea has stringent requirements for their distributors – they want to ensure that their products are represented by those who truly understand their product and know how to convey that to their customers. After several months of research and proposals, Mr. Yap obtained the exclusive distributorship from Dawon in Korea and established Hoganbo in November 2015.

Mr. Yap is confident that Hoganbo HD-1 can help others like it has helped him and his family. With this in mind, he aims to create more awareness on premium natural health products and make Hoganbo products conveniently accessible to everyone in our region.

Purchase Genuine Products

Note: Avoid counterfeit products by always purchasing genuine Hoganbo HD-1 to ensure 100% safe consumption. Our product has been recognized by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea) as well as Ministry of Health (Malaysia) for its safety and efficacy in maintaining good liver health.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2008: Pioneer product derived from Hovenia Dulcis Berry was certified as a “Health Functional Food” by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea)
  • 2013, 2014, 2015: For three consecutive years Dawon, the principal company of Hoganbo HD-1, has won the Korea Quality Competitive Firm awards by the Seoul Economic News for their export sales