Enjoy the best things in life with a healthy Liver a strong Heart good quality Sleep

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Essential for Vascular Health

Improve blood circulation and cognitive function.

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Gift of health and happiness

Health is the greatest gift. Good Health, Great Life!

Indicators of Poor Liver Health

Avoiding all dietary, environmental and emotional harm are almost impossible in today’s lifestyle. Because of limited nerves around the liver, our body typically does not present any visible symptoms until the liver is severely degraded. This is why liver is known as the “silent organ“. When your body finally responds to your failing liver, the liver may already be critically damaged. Therefore regular liver cleansing is essential and should not be overlooked.


Memory decline

Mood Swing


Bad Breath


Hair Loss


High Uric Acid


Chronic Kidney Disease


Gallstone Disease

Hoganbo HD-1's Benefit - Hepatoprotective


Reduces liver index (eg: ALT, AST) and accelerates the recovery of damaged liver cells, thus improving liver functions

Hoganbo HD-1's Benefit - Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox

Reduces the harmful effects of alcohol and minimizes hangover symptoms

Hovenia Dulcis Berry Stamp

Made from the prized Hovenia Dulcis Berry, Hoganbo HD-1 is one of Korea’s best-loved liver supplements, containing at least 80% pure Hovenia Duclis berry extract to protect and strengthen the liver.

Hoganbo HD-1's Benefit - Antioxidant


Protect cells from damage caused by free radicals due to UV rays, atmospeheric pollution, stress and poor nutrition

HD-1's Benefit: Anti Diabetic


Improve blood glucose uptake by increasing density of 𝛃-cells in pancreatic islets

A Healthy Liver for A Healthy Lifestyle

While Hoganbo is suitable for everyone from all walks of life, it is particularly helpful for people who fall into the four scenarios below. Whether you work long hours, entertain all the time or want the best for your family, Hoganbo provides a good solution for living well, no matter how you choose to live your life.

Working Women Above 30
Working Women Above 30

After your 30s, signs of aging begin to emerge. It doesn’t help that your time is always stretched between work and family, thus leving you with little time to take care of your skin and health.

The Family Men & Women
The Family Men & Women

Family comes first for you and nothing is more important than their well-being. While you are careful in selecting healthy food choices for them, you certainly can’t control what they eat when they go out.

The Sociable Workaholic
The Sociable Workaholic

You work hard — and party hard. Long hours, irregular meals, smoking and frequent drinking sessions are part of your lifestyle. You know that in the long run, this will take a toll on your health.

Successful People in their Prime
Successful People in Their Prime

You have made it to the top and finally achieved financial freedom. The only caveat is that on your way up, you have compromised your health and because of this, you can’t really enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Customers reviews

While Hoganbo HD-1 is a liver supplement, its health benefits go beyond just the liver – many of our customers share that they are experiencing improvements in many other different areas of health as well. Read what our happy customers have to say about Hoganbo 

I have Type II diabetes. I found out I have fatty liver and high cholesterol in December 2017. I used to have itchy, acne-like skin condition on my arm and found it difficult to sleep at night. After taking 3 tablets Hoganbo HD-1 per day for 2 months, itchy rashes on my arm are gone and my skin pigmentation is lighter. I now sleep better at night, even if I had coffee during the day. I also feel much more energetic now!
Tengku Salma
Retired Grandma
As someone who loves to eat, I hardly exercise. I began to notice I was always tired, shortly after I was diagnosed with fatty liver. Since taking Hoganbo HD-1, my fatty liver condition has improved. I also sleep better and I am more energized during the day. Once, my wife used to had hangover associated headaches. She was surprised to find that her hangover symptoms were eased significantly within 45 min after taking 2 tablets of Hoganbo HD-1. I am confident of Hoganbo products, which is why I often recommend Hoganbo HD-1 to my family and friends.
Terence Tan
Corporate Leader
Be it just a drink with friends or with my clients, drinking is a norm in my lifestyle. To top it up, I have irregular resting time and lack of exercise due to work. All these lead to my high cholesterol level, high liver index and fatty liver. After taking Hoganbo HD-1, my liver index reduces by half and falls within the normal range. Additionally, my cholesterol level has improved. I also feel more energetic throughout the day. I am very happy with the results.
Wong Chew Eng
10 Common Myths About The Liver

10 Common Myths About The Liver

If you only believe that liver sickness is caused by alcohol, then you’re wrong! Aside from alcohol, liver illness can also be associated by unhealthy diet intake, hepatitis viruses, stress and excessive or misuse of medication.

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Healthy Liver Healthy Skin

Healthy Liver = Healthy Skin

Why are toxins not broken down efficiently within the body? It is usually due to poor liver health. The liver, as the second largest organ in our body, is the primary organ that detoxifies toxins in our body. When your liver begins to weaken, toxins are gradually eliminated through your skin. You may start to notice some unobtrusive, minor skin issues such as dull skin tone, pigmentation (always considered as signs of aging); then progressing to dry, red, itchy inflamed skin or yellowish discolouration.

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